The history of Dual begins at about 1900. At that time with the production of spring drives and small parts for clocks.

In the year 1927 the company presented a combination of spring drive and electric motor - the so-called "DUAL-Motor". This lends his name firstly to the equipped turntables and later it became to the company name, too.

Another milestone was the first record changer modell "1000", which was launched at the world exhibition in 1949. At that time Dual already produced approx. 200.000 units per year.

Ath the 1950th they also produced their own crystal systems and portable sets. New developments like tape recorders, tuners, amplifiers, loudspeakers and music centres where also launched and sold extremly successful.

In 1971 DUAL took over their competitor PE.
While the 1970s had been successful the bankruptcy in 1982 was surprising and the company was taken over by THOMSON.

In 1988 DUAL was sold to Schneider-Rundfunkwerke AG, who added TV sets to the sortiment, too.

The Dual Phono GmbH in St. Georgen in the Black Forrest still holds a licence which allows the production of turntables under the brandname DUAL, which differ to the other models my using "CS" in the item name and "Made in Germany" production. The Firma Sintron Distribution GmbH in Iffezheim is responsible for the distribution of those models since 2006.